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Machinex is a leading manufacturer of recycling equipment and waste management solutions. The company was founded in 1989, and since then has become one of the most respected and innovative providers of recycling solutions worldwide. Headquartered in Plessisville, Quebec, Canada, Machinex has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Machinex specializes in designing and manufacturing custom recycling equipment that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company's products and services encompass a wide range of recycling equipment, including sorting systems, balers, conveyors, shredders, and compactors. Machinex's systems are designed to handle a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, and municipal solid waste.

One of Machinex's key strengths is its ability to offer turnkey solutions to its customers. The company's experienced team of engineers, technicians, and project managers work closely with customers to design, install, and commission recycling systems that are optimized for maximum efficiency and performance. From the initial concept to final commissioning and beyond, Machinex is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to its customers.

Machinex's recycling equipment is designed to be both efficient and environmentally friendly. The company's sorting systems use advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that recyclable materials are sorted accurately and efficiently. The company's balers, conveyors, and compactors are designed to reduce the volume of waste and make it easier to transport and store.

Machinex also provides a range of services to help its customers optimize their recycling operations. These services include equipment maintenance, repair, and refurbishment, as well as training and support to ensure that customers can operate their recycling systems safely and efficiently.

In summary, Machinex is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom recycling equipment and waste management solutions. With its focus on innovation, quality, and service, the company is well-positioned to continue to lead the industry in delivering efficient and effective recycling solutions to its customers.

Recycling Equipment Power Pages

Baler Machines

Baler Machines

A baler is a piece of equipment used to compress solid industrial waste or recyclable materials (e.g., paper, plastic, foam, cans, etc.) to achieve better material handling and storage. Eliminating empty space between individual items of these bulk products is a great way to save costs attributed to storage and transport...

Cardboard Balers

Cardboard Baler

A cardboard baler is a mechanism that uses a metal plate driven by a hydraulic ram to apply tremendous pressure and force to crush, compact, and compress pieces of cardboard into tightly formed and easy-to-transport cubes and...

Types of Balers

Vertical Balers

Modern balers are descendants of hay presses, invented in the mid-nineteenth century, that made it easier to gather and stack hay. The earliest hay presses were stationary units built into a barn and extending two to three stories...

Industrial Shredders

Industrial Shredders

An industrial shredder is a piece of heavy duty equipment designed to shred dense and light materials to prepare them for recycling or for the destruction of unusable products. They are an environmentally sound device that...

Metal Shredders

Metal Shredder

Scrap metal must be processed to be effectively recycled and ready for reuse. Metal shredders are machines used to process a variety of metal scraps. Metal shredders are frequently used to reduce metal debris to a standard...

Shredding Machines

Shredding Machines

A shredding machine is equipment utilized for shredding. Shredding machines are used to reduce the size of materials. While most online sources define the shredding machine as...

Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors

A Trash compactor is a machine or device designed to compress, reduce, and compact a variety of materials through hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic force. The initial steps in the compacting process are the collection of the material to be compacted...

Vibratory Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyor

Vibratory conveyors are material-handling equipment used to transport fine to coarse-grained bulk materials. These vibratory conveyors are strong conveying equipment utilized for bulk commodities with fine to coarse graininess...

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders are short conveyors used to transport bulk materials utilizing a controlled vibratory force system and gravity. The vibrations impart a combination of horizontal and vertical acceleration through tossing, hopping, or sliding-type of action to the materials being handled...

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