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Excel Manufacturing has been in the business of manufacturing balers since 1991. Excel offers phone and field service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Excel Manufacturing designs, builds, and installs balers and conveyor systems. Excel's Ex Series are single ram balers that are most often used for paper, cardboard, newspaper, tin cans, and aluminum cans. The Ex Series balers are designed to be long lasting, efficient, and highly productive. The Ex Series has hydraulic door latch, removable shear blades, automatic shear ham correction, remote controls, and a standard hopper. The HV series balers are single sheet, interlocking construction in the two ram balers. HV balers are mainly used for newspapers, office papers, magazines, and aluminum & tin cans without preconditioning. Some of the features of HV series are tongue and groove corrugated floor, industrial hardened logic controller, air to oil heat exchanger, and lower photo eye. The 2R series are 2 ram balers that are a combination of interlocking construction and integrated control systems. Excel's 2R balers are great for carpet padding, textiles, magazines, aluminum cans, and plastic films. They include features such as industrial hardened logic controller, operator-free operation, upper and lower photo eyes, bale discharge platform, and bale counter. Excel Manufacturing Signature series balers are the most productive two ram balers in the recycling baling industry. The Signature series is used to bale radiators, solid waste, painted aluminum siding, insulated wire, aluminum extrusion, newspaper, magazines, and office paper. The Signature has the features of bale separation door, energy savings baling operation, automatic bale release door, air to oil heat exchanger, and rotatable heat treated tool steel shear blades.

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