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Summit Equipment Inc

Post Falls, ID


Summit Equipment is a leading provider of recycling equipment solutions that enable businesses to streamline their waste management operations while minimizing their environmental impact. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and servicing a wide range of recycling equipment that is used across various industries.

At Summit Equipment, the focus is on delivering reliable and efficient equipment that is both easy to use and maintain. The company's recycling equipment portfolio includes balers, compactors, shredders, and conveyors that are engineered to handle a variety of waste materials such as paper, plastics, metals, and more.

Summit Equipment's balers are available in vertical, horizontal, and two-ram configurations, catering to the diverse needs of different businesses. These balers are designed to compact large volumes of waste into easily manageable bales, which can be easily transported and stored. The company's compactors, on the other hand, are ideal for businesses that generate a high volume of waste on a daily basis. These machines are designed to compact waste into small, dense packages, which helps reduce the overall volume of waste and makes it easier to dispose of.

The company's shredders are designed to handle a wide range of materials, from paper and cardboard to plastic and metal. These machines are available in different sizes and configurations, catering to the needs of different businesses. Summit Equipment's conveyors, meanwhile, are used to transport waste from one point to another within a facility. These machines are designed to handle heavy loads and are built to last, making them a reliable option for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to its product offerings, Summit Equipment also provides a range of services to support its customers. The company's team of experienced technicians provides installation, maintenance, and repair services for all its equipment. This ensures that businesses can keep their equipment running smoothly and avoid costly downtime.

Overall, Summit Equipment is a reliable partner for businesses looking to streamline their waste management operations and minimize their environmental impact. With its extensive range of recycling equipment and exceptional service capabilities, the company is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.

Summit Equipment Inc
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