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Single Stream Vs. Dual Stream Recycling
In a single stream recycling system, materials such as cardboard, glass and plastic are all able to be picked up together. This method is popular in residential recycling programs, since it allows residents to mix their recyclables and avoid having to sort material. The difficulty is that these mixed materials have to be sorted at the recycling facility. Because everything is mixed up, it’s impossible to sort efficient and recovery a maximum amount of material. It has been shown that a single stream system harms the environment by failing to capitalize on the efficiency of sorted recyclable material. Products that could be recycled end up going to waste because the single waste stream is just too complex to sort in its entirety.

To solve this problem, many regions and facilities are turning to a dual stream process. Dual stream recycling means that fibre components like paper and cardboard are kept separate from the rest of the recyclable materials.